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Glass cover

Hello all,

A question for those of you who have built your own glass covers for your
tanks. What type of glass do you use? Is the type sold by Home Depot OK? I
did a search of the archives on "glass covers" and found a post mentioning
Pyrex and Starlite as the best choices based on tests done by some other
member, but I did not find any more references. I have a 115 gal tank with
four 110 watt Aquasun bulbs (and two 3 inch computer cooling fans) , and
evaporation is quite high - I have to add 1 gal of R/O water every day. I
want to build a glass cover to cut on evaporation, but I want to make sure
that the glass absorbs the least amount of light.

Thanks in advance

Guillermo Vega-Toro
gvega at gte_net