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Re: Corkscrew vals turning reddish brown

> In the last week or so, my corkscrew vals have begun turning a reddish brown.
> At first I thought the leaves were dying, but after inspecting them they
> appear to be healthy.....The lighting is 160w of
> flourescent lighting over a 55 gallon tank for about 13 hrs a day.

Well I'm not sure if this is relevant since your lighting seems like it would be reasonable, but I have had all the val I put outside in my kiddie pools turn a dark red color. They are still growing and blooming quite a lot but they are dark, dark, red. I had assumed it was the direct sunlight. I do have a shade fabric fish house outside to combat the effects of the intense AZ sun but they are still red. They also stay much shorter and are slightly more twisted than the same plants in the house under flourescent lighting.


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