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Corkscrew vals turning reddish brown

In the last week or so, my corkscrew vals have begun turning a reddish brown.
At first I thought the leaves were dying, but after inspecting them they
appear to be healthy. The leaves are green at the base and, at varying levels
up the leaves, they turn brown on the the edges and then the whole leaf a
little higher up. My rotala macandra, red ludwigia, and rotala indica have all
been losing a lot of their reddish color lately as well, and my Amazon sword
is showing signs of magnesium or pottasium deficiency. The lighting is 160w of
flourescent lighting over a 55 gallon tank for about 13 hrs a day. I've put a
few laterite balls and Jobes fertilizer sticks in the substrate (a soil/peat
moss mixture) to try and remedy this. I seem to recall someone describing a
similar thing happening with their vals a while ago. Is this some nutrient
deficiency or something?