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Re: Flourescent Questions

Chlayne asked:

I need to replace the 3 x 20W flourescent bulbs I have over my 29 gallon
tank and would really appreciate some suggestions on which kind to get.
What is a Triton bulb and are these better?

What brands do you recommend and where can I find them?  The brands I have
seen here are Power Glo,  Vita-Lite, Penn Plax Aquari-Lux, Coralife
Trichromatic, Spectramax, Color Max and 10,000K.  Also saw a plant bulb
GE at Walmart.  Are any of these any good?


IMHO Triton bulbs are better and turn out less expensive in the long run. 
Triton was developed for the purpose of growing plants and corals in
aquariums and the big advantage is that they shut off when they are no
longer effective.  Actually, they last two years or more in many of my
aquariums.  They are extremely bright and give good color to your fish and
plants.  The other brands that you mentioned will grow plants, but not as
well for the the dollar as Triton.  Some that you mentioned are not even
effective for six months.  So, over this period of time, you would have to
buy four tubes to one Triton.

Merrill Cohen