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To all Minnesota readers.  I've been able to locate all componats of PMDD
localy, for those of you intersted.  K2SO4 and KNO are available from Brew
& Grow in Anoka county, on University Ave. and Plantex's CSM is available
localy too, I cant remember the name or phone# of the place, but it's off
of 35W and County Road C.  The Epsom Salts I got at Snyders.  Everything
was pretty cheap, $1 for each pound of K2SO4 and KNO, $2.25 for 4 pounds
of Epsom Salts, and the CSM is $32. for 5 pounds.  If you want phone
numbers I can give them to you when I get home, or if you want to get a
little bottle and try it out, I can sell you a small amount.  I've been
using it for 4 days now and I've gotten pretty good results.  Some of my
plants are bubbling.

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