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Re: Sand/gravel background

Hari Arisetty wrote:
>        I like the idea of slate/rock backgrounds, but I'm worried about
>weight. I was thinking of spreading a thin coat of silicone on the back of
>my tank and then covering it with sand or gravel, or a mix of both, so that
>I would have a natural-looking back, without too much weight. I think 10 lbs
>of sand should cover my 29 gal, vs 75 lbs of rock.
>        Has anyone tried this out?  Any pointers? Do any of the experienced
>slate/rock background people have an opinion on how this might come out?
I used to make cave or hut-like structures for kribs out of slate pieces
glued together with silicone, and, after a few years, they fell apart.
Apparently the silicone does not stick to the slate as well as it does to
glass.  Maybe they have varied the formula for silicone so that it sticks
better, now, but I would worry about the silicone holding pebbles for long
periods of time.  It would probably hold onto smooth, shiny pebbles the

Paul Krombholz, in mid-90's central Mississippi.