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Re: George Slusarczuk's Water hardness explanation

> On  Sun, 14 Jun 1998, George Slusarczuk wrote:

> Subject: Re: Water hardness (long)

Snip, snip, snip...

> P.S. These days all the scientific, governmental, and many hobby
> publications use parts-per-million units to measure hardness and NOT
> "degrees", because "degrees" are an imprecise term - which "degree"?.
> Alkalinity is commonly measured in milli-equivalents per liter.

This may be a stupid question, but here goes.

Why doesn't the aquarium hobby industry change to the "ppm" scale in refering to water hardness?  Maybe it would help to avoid some of the confusion.

> I have tried to keep this as simple as possible, did not use any
> equations, but not all people can visualize a chemical reaction! Hope
> that this somewhat historical overview will not be too confusing. More
> confusion on water hardness we don't need!

Bravo George!  Your historical overview really helped to clear some things up in my mind and give me a better understanding of this subject.  Thanks for the great explanation. (And I'm not even the one who asked for it.)


Jay Bickford
Savage Minnesota.