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Intro & 1st Question

Hi APDers,

My name is Forrest King and I've been lurking via the actwin website for quite
a while. I've been into aquariums for a long time and have had planted tanks
for few years now. I just recently graduated from college and used my first
real paycheck to set up a killer tank. I could have bought a Porsche but what
the heck. 

I've had two 55 gallon planted tanks for quite some time. Being a student,
they were strictly low budget affairs based on the advice of various authors.
I've read Pushack's webpages and Quachenbushs and had moderate success with
both methods. I have to admit though, things never quite worked out the way
they said it would. I've had many algae plagues even though I bleached the
plants. Greenwater has come and gone. My substrate went bad (or something) and
some fish died one time. 

Like many others, I have often dreamed about the stuff Mr. Booth writes about.
I love his web-site (Aquatic Concepts) and I think the photos he has there
just totally rule! So, now that I'm momentarily rich, I set up a 90 gallon
tank just like the "SST". It's been set up since February and just blows me
away.  I've had only teeny bits of algae like he describes in his "Starting
Out" page.  I'm already supplying the local fish store with most of the plants
they need. This is a great hobby.

One question though. There has been discussions of BGA recently and someone
stated that it only grows in still water. I have a little bt between the
gravel and front glass so that makes sense. But I also have some growing in
the wet/dry filter skimmer box and siphon tube.  This doesn't strike me as
being especially still water. Do I have two different kinds of BGA or was that
still water stuff a bunch of guessing? 

Well, anyway, this is a monster group and I Iove it. 

Forrest King
"signature under construction"