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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #324

Hello APD people;
       I have been following your discussions with interest for several months
now, and have gained much useful information. Many thanks to those willing to
share their knowledge and techniques. I have a  65 g. plant tank, set up for
one month. The tank is very heavily planted with forty different species of
plants, including Alternathera, Aponogeton, Bacopa, Myriophyllum, Ludwigia,
Rotala, Nesaea, Microsorium, Lilaeopsis, Echinodorus, Valisneria, Sagittaria,
Cryptocoryne, Ceratopteris, Anubias, Cardamine, and Mayaca. All the plants are
thriving...growth is extraordinary. The setup is based on G. Booth's
recomendations...Dupla cables, Duplarit, Dupla drops, etc. Fish include eight
SAE's, ten Otocinclus, three Farlowella, one Peckoltia pulcher, and three
Gastromyzon Punctatus. No food as yet. Tank parameters are as follows:
              36L x 18W x 24D
               pH= 6.85
                Temp. = 76.0
                Lighting = 3 x 95 watt VHO (2 aquasun, 1 actinic) 12 hr.
                kH = 6 degrees
                gH = 8 begrees
                Iron = 0.5 mg/l
                Nitrate = 10 mg/l
                Nitrite = < 0.1 mg/l
                Phosphate = < 0.1 mg/l
    Filtration is Magnum 350, w/ peat. Tapwater pH is 8.2, 7 degrees kH, 9
degrees gH. CO2 by aqualife reactor. All controlled by Aquacontroller( cables,
lights, CO2)
Water change 25% weekly. Algae so far: green spot on glass, very small..< .03
in. spots, seems to be disapearring. Green thread algae...just a few threads
on Nesaea.
No other algae. 
     My question relates to tank cloudiness. Water is clouded with green
unicellular algae...possibly Volvox? Is this normal for a tank at this stage?
should it clear up? How long? I did use the micron filter in the magnum, which
helped somewhat. This prevents the use of peat, so I use it only
sparingly..for two days per week. Should I just chill out and wait? Reduce the
photo period? Decrease fertilization? I am currentl using 20ml. Sera liquid,
and ten Sera tablets buried in the substrate, alternating weekly. Six drops
Dupla 24 daily on top of that. Everything is doing incredibly well, I just
want some clarity! Any recomendations? By the way...got my plants from Dan
Quackenbush....I was very impressed with both service, quality, price, and
I let him do the selecting, and am glad I did. 
                                     Edward Lee
                                      L82859 at aol_com