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Re: Python water changer - Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #323

On 13 Jun 98, George Booth <booth at lvld_hp.com> wrote:

> As a matter of fact, you could buy a drain and fill kit, a cheap 50'
> garden hose and the Python gravel vac tube for a whole lot less than a
> complete Python setup. Just an idea. <g>

We did something like this.  We were visiting Lancaster, PA, and went to That 
Fish Place.  I already had a large aquarium siphon, we purchased all the 
necessary connectors (there is another brand besides Python - I can't 
remember the name, though) and when we got home to upstate NY, we went to 
Home Depot or one of those types of stores to purchase the clear hose.  The 
cost savings over the Python set was outrageous.  Oh - and we have a 
waterbed, so we already had several of the waterbed drain and fill connectors.

I, too, love mine.  Before getting this set-up, I was very *bad* about water 
changes - now I am only sorta bad.  I use it on all my tanks - except the 5  and 
10 gallons - it *is* a little overkill there.  For those I have a tiny siphon and a 
nice 5 gallon bucket.


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