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Re: shells in gravel in the West

I'd just like to add that I use this same material, RMC Lonestar "Lapis Lustre",
with no problems at all. I use a mix of R.O. and well water and add CO2 and have
a KH of 5 and pH 6.7-7.0. I just went out and took an unused sample of this
gravel, dumped some muriatic acid on top and saw no fizzing whatsoever. Neither
could I discern any broken shell like material. I can't dispute what others have
found so maybe it comes from different areas.

> >Our primary source of gravel in N. Calif. is RMC Lonestar (Formerly
> >Monterey Sand). The EPA or Coastal Commission, or someone, made them
> >stop using gravel from an old Santa Cruz river bed, so they now use
> >beach gravel, with shells and all, probably from Davenport. If you want
> >"fizzy" chips, buy their "Lapis Lustre" aquarium gravel.