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Ruminations on PMDD, CECs, plenums and such

Hi All,

I'm still experimenting with this PMDD plenum tank and it's starting to
respond.  When I set it up I mixed Dupla laterite in the lower part of the
gravel, just above the plenum.  After reading the archive discussions on CECs
of various materials, I'm wondering if I should attempt to add some such
material to the plenum space.  The reasoning being that water movement through
the plenum would carry water borne nutrients which would attach to laterite
(for example) in the plenum and help hold ithe nutrients away from algae in
the water column and next to any roots that make their way to the plenum
space.  I could make a slurry of laterite and inject it into the plenum on
this tank.  On the next tank setup, I was thinking that a layer of either
laterite or possibly vermiculite could be placed in the plenum to achieve the
same effect.  Any thoughts on the mechanics of this scheme?


Tom Wood
In Austin, Texas where we just erected a bat sculpture in honor of the largest
urban bat colony on the continent.