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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #322

Brad Grenard wrote:

> I'd like to hear from users of the Python water changer.  I'm
> considering the purchase of one, but wonder if it's worth having to
> make all of the connections and then take it all down and store it.
> Do you think that it saves you any time?  Is it durable?  Any other
> comments?  Thanks for your help.

If you have only one or two small tanks, it's probably not worth the
hassle. On the other hand, if you have a lot of tanks, or large ones, it
will definitely speed up the process. It will waste a tremendous amount
of water if you use the siphon feature the way they say. A better way is
to run water through it, kink it, and then detach from the faucet. You
can then let it run into the sink, or run it outside to water your
plants. When I only had two tanks, I didn't use it, now that I have six,
I can't imagine doing water changes without it. The only part I found
that is not durable, is the plastic faucet adapter, replace it with a
brass one.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.
augiee at bellsouth_net