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Re: Python water changer

I LOVE my python! I have three tanks now and wouldn't be without one. It can
be a bit aggravating trying to coil it up and store.  I had a sink stop up
and flooded my bathroom while I was in the Den using the python but I still
love mine. I have found that if I am careful I can vacuum most of the debris
off the sand and take very little sand with it. As I said I just would not
be without it.

I have started connecting a short piece of garden hose between the sink and
the Python siphon. That way I can lay the siphon/drain end of the Python in
the shower and if it decides to leak at the connection it doesn't matter.
This also lowers the amount of lift since it is at floor level and seem to
siphon the water a bit faster too.

Just be sure that you have a good flow of water where you plan to connect
it. Our kitchen faucet is a new low flow design. It doesn't flow enough
water and will barley lift the water from the floor to the sink. I had to
use the one in the bathroom to even get it to work.

OH yea! One of my kittens (well she's a cat now) loves it!! Every weekend
when I call her and when she see the python in my hand she comes running!!
When I start it up it has lots of bubbles in the clear tubing and she loves
to chase them to the shower! Its a riot!! I always leave coils in the tubing
in the floor just to watch her go in circles trying to catch the bubble and

Jeff <*\\><
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