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Re: fish trap

> Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 14:11:34 -0700
> From: Cliff Lundberg <cliff at noevalley_com>
> I have to catch a bunch of fast little fish in a big densely
> planted tank. Is there some kind of trap I could rig up that
> would corral them?

You can make a great fish trap out of a plastic soft drink bottle.
Cut off the top part just below where the bottle becomes cylindrical.
Invert the top and push it into the bottle.  Punch a hole in one side
of the cylindrical part near its top.  This is to let the air out, but
allow you to take out the trap and fish with adequate water.

Bait the trap with something irresistible - I use live white worms.  Put
it on its side on the bottom of the tank.  Check it every 10-15 minutes.  
Since the water circulation is very limited, fish can easily suffocate in
there.  Also, if there are many fish caught, others will be less likely 
to go into it.

I use this method all the time to remove cichlid fry small enough to fit
through a pop bottle opening from my planted tanks.  A more elaborate version
would have a piece cut out of the side and replaced with screen to improve
water circulation.