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This has more or less been answered, but someone
asked what was the story on Eusteralis yatabeana in
T. Amano's books.

There are certainly many species of Eusteralis; I don't
have the correct references at work to give an exact

Eusteralis stellata is the only species I have seen for
sale on lists in the U.S.  I actually finally scored some
recently and it is a very nice plant!

Eusteralis yatabeana and that other one Amano
commonly uses in his aquaria are certainly different
species from E. stellata - you can tell from the way
they grow.  The plant lists in Amano's books actually
more or less list the plants in the order they appear in
the photo - at least I've convinced myself of that. 
Anyway, I think you can basically learn some plants
this way if you stare at the pictures long enough.

Eusteralis, as is the case with many genera, has
been called by other names, including Dysophila
(sp?).  It is referred as such in "The Natural Aquarium"
by Kobayashi and ?.

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