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fish and accu-clear

Hi everyone, I had an odd experience and wondered if anyone can help me
figure out why. I added a piece of mopani wood about two weeks ago. I had
soaked it for a week prior in hot water, changing the water twice a day.
After I added it the water went dark so I added carbon. I also noticed my kH
was 2 and my pH 5.5 so added calcium carbonate to bring it up to pH 7, kH 5,
this took 3 days. By then the water was milky but no tannins any more and as
I couldn't get a hold of a diatom filter I decided to try accu-clear by
aquarium pharm. I added the right dose and after an hour noticed _some_ of
the fish gasping at the top. The ones affected were harlequins, danios,
kribs, and sae's. The neons were fine, as were the platy's, otos and
gouramis. The water tested  fine, pH steady etc. I aerated the water and
after 1/2 hour they seemed better. Everyone is fine this morning. Does any
one know what happened? Accu-clear is supposed to work by clumping particles
together, why would this affect their breathing? They were obviously lacking
oxygen. Sorry for the long post.
in B.C.