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What size filter?

Hi there,
New to this *quality* list and currently finding out the finer details of
plant and fishkeeping.
I am thinking of setting up a planted tank with goldfish and suitable
coldwater plants.
The tank is 30"l 12"w 15"h and I want to replace the U.G.F with an internal
power filter.
The question I have is what size?
One catalogue I have suggests the water should be filtered at a rate of 3
times capacity per hour (for coldwater), and between 1 and 1.5 times per
hour for planted tanks. However, the goldfish book I have says between 10
and 15 times per hour is 'quite adequate'.
That's a big difference. What's the general opinion on this? The FAQ's
don't seem to have a definite rule for calculation.
I don't want to overdo it as I understand you need a relatively slow flow
for plants.
Any particular makes recommended?
m.judge at easynet_co.uk