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Kelly wrote:
>I got 2 bunches of Hornwort for my Flags to eat and since I don't like
>it floating around, just stuck it into the substrate mainly in 1 corner
>of my tank.  Well, it is so massive and dense now (I like it) that I
>need to pull it OUT of the tank when I clean the gravel each week.  Then
>I "replant" it when done cleaning.  I just started this, but am
>wondering if this will eventually kill it since I am pulling it up and
>replanting it every week?  Can plants take this much uprooting and still
>be OK?
>This week I also want to pull up and replant 3 Vals that I orginally
>stuck in the back of the tank thinking they would get tall.  They have
>grown, but very slowly and the hornwort is covering them.  Will they be
>OK to pull up and move?

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum) doesn't produce roots, although it seems well
anchored where it grows naturally.  I don't think it would be good food for
Flags.  If they eat it, they probably be able and willing to eat a lot of
other aquatic plants that you might not want eaten.  Hornwort should be
bothered a lot less than rooted aquatic plants by being pulled up and
replanted.  I should think that Vallisneria would be set back by being
pulled up and replanted.  Why not cut back or relocate the hornwort?

Paul Krombholz, in Central Mississippi, where it is hot again.