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Re: Backgrounds

Thanks to everyone that responded with background ideas. Thanks Augie for
the photo of your rock background. I like what I see here but I have a
question that has been bothering me.

What do you do about algae building up and hiding your nice looking rocks? I
know if you use a smooth rock that plecos and others will keep them fairly
clean. However several of you suggested sandstone. I found some purple rocks
in an abandon quarry that appear to be sandstone and have about the same
texture. I put some these in my tanks and none of my algae eating fish would
keep them clean. I assume because of the rough texture. After a while I had
to pull them out and clean them because they looked really bad and were no
longer purple.

Also has anyone used smooth round river stones to make a background? I was
thinking that these might make a really attractive background.

Jeff <*\\><
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