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Gravel over ?

I am thinking about setting up a 20 gallon long tank for keeping native
darters. This tank would be lightly planted with low light tolerant easy to
grow plants. The fish I am thinking of keeping need a current in the tank.
Due to the water current, sand does not seem to be an option since it would
most likely be blown around the tank. So gravel seems to be the best option
plus it is more natural to the fishes environment.

Now I need a substrate under the gravel that won't leak out and cloud the
water with the current. I have used kitty litter in all my tanks and have
been well pleased so far. However once I up-root a few plants I gets lots of
cloudy water. So this doesn't seem to be a good option due to the current. I
have also thought about trying some of our Alabama red clay in my next tank
but I know it will cloud the water if it gets disturbed so that is out. Does
anyone have a suggestion for something that might be more suitable?

Next question. Will a proper PMDD mix provide plants with all the nutrients
they need (in plain gravel) or do they need something from the substrate
that the PMDD can't supply? If so I might be better off to go this way.

Jeff <*\\><
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