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Re: Alternative plant names

Tim Ayers wrote:
>I borrowed a copy of Amano vol. 2 and am looking at the plant lists
>for some of the pictures. I haven't been able to find info for the
>following plants and was curious if there were synonyms or similar
>Cryptocoryne costatus
>Eusteralis yatabeana
>Isoetes japonica

Cryptocoryne costatus is usually called C. costata.  It is a short-leaved
member of the C. retrospiralis-C. crispatula group---crypts that have
slender leaves. and do especially well submersed.   Unless the light is
poor, the leaves of C. costata are reddish-brown.  According to Kasselmann,
(Aquarienpflanzen) C. costata should be called C. albida.

Eusteralis stellata is the only species I know of in the genus Eusteralis,
and is very likely what Amano is talking about.

I can't find anything on Isoetes japonica, specifically.  According to
Muhlberg, (The Complete Guide to Water Plants) there are 75 species of
Isoetes, and all but two live in marshy to submerged habitats.  It could be
a species of Isoetes from Japan.  To me, they all look alike.

Paul Krombholz, in cool, pleasant Central Mississippi, where we have gone
from record highs last week to record lows this weekend.