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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #313

Subject: Mailing list vs. news group

>Which brings the issue of why there is the need to have both.
>Why am I reading the mailing list right now? It's more annoying because 
>it comes in the mail, doesn't support threaded discussions, and it's in 
>digest format (a major pain). But it's where the quality discussions 
>take place. 
>So why not move over to the newsgroup? Give the list a month
>of life to finish any threads, and just start new ones in the

Because many of us prefer the APD.

>So, what do you say, should we jump over to Usenet? 


I don't like wading through all the "I just put a <blank> in my tank.  It
died.  What did I do wrong?" posts to find anything of any substance.
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with beginner questions... I have
certainly spent my share of time answering them.  But I enjoy the higher
level of conversation on APD.  While there are many novices on APD, they
tend, in general, to be more serious novices, who do their homework before
they post.  

Most of all, in general, posts on APD are more polite than those on the
newsgroups.  I don't know what it is about newsgroups, but they seem to
invite people to behave in a way they never would in person.  I just find
it boring and annoying to wade through a lot of vitriol to get to any
meaningful information.  Cynthia does a great job here gently keeping
people on the straight and narrow.


Subject: Strange Water Wisteria

>Hi!  I just received an order from Arizona Aquatic Gardens and am very
>pleased with my order.  However I have one question:  Can anyone describe
>the submersed leaves of Hygrophilia Difformis?
>I ordered one potted from them and it has very thick stems and small rounded
>leaves with jagged edges.  Is this the same plant?  If it is how do I get it
>to grow the emersed leaves quickly as it is not very attractive?

What you have is emerse grown H. difformis.  Just plant it in your tank,
and if your conditions are good, you will soon have more of the typical
very deeply incised leaves than you know what to do with.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association