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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #312

Karen wrote.....
>Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:38:26 -0400
>From: krandall at world_std.com
>Subject: Lighting for a 100G "long"
>Hi folks,
>I'm getting ready to set up the 100G "long" tank that I "inherited" last
>I'm considering my various options as far as lighting is concerned.  While
>I'm a big fan of T-8 lighting, the 6' length of this tank makes T-8
>lighting a bit tricky.  The better color temperature bulbs seem to be
>available only in the 4' lengths.  This means I would either have to
>stagger the bulbs and mix them with 2' bulbs, or live with color
>temperature bulbs that are not really to my liking.
>A pet store near me can get me a reasonable deal on a 6' VHO fixture that
>would do the job, but I'm also considering an open top tank with MH's,
>since I love the look of open top tanks, and I _think_ my kids are past
>drowning age.<g>  My questions are:

I never under-estimate my kids.  I wrestled with the idea of a canopy with
VHOs, power compacts/MH combinations etc..but decided for the cost of buying
a nice canopy and fitting it with VHOs, I could substaintiate MH Pendants. I
could reduce the cost by DIY but I do not have the time nor the tools to
build a living-room quality piece of furniture.  I purchased a quality, oak
stand (that I have stained to look like mahogony) second-hand for a great
price out of the newspaper.

>1.  The tank is 18"x18"x6'.  Anyone else working with this size tank?  What
>are you using for lighting, and what do you like/dislike about your setup?

I am setting up a 125g  (L72"xW18"xH22").

>2.  I'm assuming that with this size/shape tank, that I'd want to go with 2
>175W bulbs?

I have read recommendations to use 1 175W MH per 2'x2' section of tank.  I
am planning on using 3 175W/5500K pendants for my 6' tank.
>3.  How high would they have to be hung to avoid burning emergent leaves?
>4.  This tank is going in my livingroom, and I want people to be able to
>sit comfortably nearby without being blinded by the light.  Any suggestions
>on the best way to keep the light headed into the tank and out of the rest
>of the room?
I have seen plant growing out of the tank almost in to the fixure that look
fine.  Check out the artical written by Claus Christensen at Dupla at:
http://www.dupla.com/e050.htm  interesting to those considering an open-top
tank.  Its all in the reflector. I will use the Coralife bell-shapped
pendants becuase I think they will direct more of the light directly
downward into the aquarium and minimize the glare at eye-level while sitting
in the room with the lights.  Maybe someone using the Coralife may be able
to add some of their experiences.

>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Association