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Potted plants

Hello all,
    Ok, i have a ten gallon tank with a UG filter. I don't have the
money right now to go out and buy a new filter for the tank. (if i had
the money i would buy a bigger tank too. I inherited this one and am
just grateful to have a nice addition to my others.) I was contemplating
putting one, large, full, potted plant in the middle of the tank. I
thought this would look nice, be inexpensive, and would provide the fish
i plan on getting shelter and a relatively natural enviroment. I am
wondering about the feasibility of this. How big a pot is necessary to
keep a plant from being root bound. I imagine it differs from plant to
plant which brings me to my next question. I am looking for a plant that
will expand in width more than height. I am relatively new to the
business and while am having much success with my other planted tanks i
don't really know specie names or have any idea about a plant that would
fit my bill. I live in the Kansas City Metro Area and while the LFS
around here aren't horrible i think that the fact that we are so far in
land may have something to do with the lack of variation. I had to try
several stores before i found one knowledgeable of plants. I would not
however be against mail order. My other question is whether or not the
air produced by my filter will affect my plant. I imagine it will. LIke
i said i am on a relatively low budget being a full time student, and if
i could afford a Co2 injector i could probably go buy a new filter.
ANything i can do about this. Will the yeast method produce enough Co2
to replace that lost buy the air from my UG? ANy thoughts in general
would be appreciated. I like the idea of potting a plant underwater a
lot and would like to work with it if i could. THanks in advance for any
help received.