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newsgroup vs list

The only point that hasn't been mentioned so far is that while many of
the old timers only spend time reading the eclectic mailing list, the
newbies on the news group sometimes gets neglected. 

This was particularly true about a year ago when there seemed to be a
lot of poor advice being circulated on the news group. I commented on
this and ever since that time I've noted at least a few old-timers
providing good advice on r.a.f.p. 

I would say that in general the level of knowledge about aquatic plants
on the Internet has tripled or quadrupled in the years since the
formation of the APD and the dedicated news group. At the time the news
group charter was approved, I thought the APD would decline but it never
did. It is a very popular inbox highlight at morning coffee break and
lunch break (for those who read at work). 

The APD continues to increase in size and that trend is going to
continue unless you decide to restrict admittance. I doubt that would
ever happen. As it is now, I find the APD straining the limit of what I
can read and manage every day. More and more I just skim the lighting
and CO2 discussions which never seem to end.

I actually think this list would benefit if the discussion were returned
to the threaded format of a news group. Until the old-timers decide that
the action is on the ng, they aren't going to move. My 2 cents.

By the way, if anybody wants to start interesting threads on the news
group, I'm more than willing to spend more time there.