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Re: Mailing list vs. newsgroup

> So, what do you say, should we jump over to Usenet? 

Be my guest.  If your software produces the digest in a form that you 
find reprehensible then I don't see any reason why you would want to read it.

I think that historically, APD originated from the *.aquaria lists prior
to their reorganization into the *.aquaria.*.* format and many of the
long-time APDers came here from there.  I dabbled with the reorganized
news group a bit and personally I didn't get much out of the level of
interchange in the news group. 

I don't like the idea of diluting the information in the digest by mixing
it with the less provocative discussion in the newsgroup.  If others want
to do it then they can do it rather easily just by subscribing to both.  I
prefer them to be separate. 

And finally, APD delivers on a silver platter the best aquatic-plant
discussion available anywhere (hmmm, I wonder about some of those
Toronto-area meetings, though).  Free speech rules, so if you want to
complain about the design on the metaphorical silver platter then I guess
you can, but that seems pretty trivial to me. 

Roger Miller