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Re: Lighting for 100G "long"


Mine is only 48" long so can't help with #1

>> 2.  I'm assuming that with this size/shape tank, that I'd want to go
with 2
175W bulbs? <<

Two should give adequate coverage.  
>> 3.  How high would they have to be hung to avoid burning emergent
leaves? <<

12 inches seems to work fine.  Should easily be okay with open top
preventing heat buildup.

>> 4.  This tank is going in my living room, and I want people to be able
sit comfortably nearby without being blinded by the light.  Any suggestions
on the best way to keep the light headed into the tank and out of the rest
of the room? <<

Several.  Lot depends on your seating and tank location as the angle of the
viewers eye will determine how much light needs to be shielded.  Depends a
lot on what you like too.  I saw a halogen lamp I almost bought for this
purpose.  It was not terribly expensive and had a heavy base with long
curved brass rod attached to a real deep reflector.  Would have taken me
couple minutes to rewire and attach MH instead of the halogen.  Or you can
buy commercial pendent lighting, some of which should be more then deep
enough to handle it.  Or you can pretty easily make something with a
stainless steel cookie sheet (12 x 12) as a reflector and wood as the rest.