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Lighting for a 100G "long"

Karen wrote:

> A pet store near me can get me a reasonable deal on a 6' VHO fixture that 
would do the job, but I'm also >considering an open top tank with MH's, 
since I love the look of open top tanks, and I _think_ my kids are past 
>drowning age.

I have an ABS (hard plastic) hood with an Icecap VHO ballast on my 110g (72 
X 18 X 20) tank.  The hood holds two tubes of 160W each (320W total). The 
hood is enclosed and has a fan for cooling. The ballast is remote and there 
is NO heat build up.  The system is a little unwieldy, but there is enough 
room to push it toward the back of the tank for maintenance. It is a very 
nice looking setup.

I have had it for about six months and have been very happy with it. 
However, it took me about three months to get it from the company that sold 
it to me. If you need any more information, drop me a line.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com