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DIY yeast problem & hardness question

I recently set up a DIY yeast method CO2 injector (as per David Webb).  I
was concerned about the pH swings it may cause and the effects this would
have on my fish so I decided to try it out in my 5 gallon tank (minus the
fish).  I hooked it up in the morning and checked my pH. It was 7.6.  The
next morning I checked it again and my test read 6 (this is the lowest this
test goes).  That is quite a jump.

My question is this:  Will I have the same results in my 29 gallon tank?
The perameters of the water are the same as the 5 gallon. pH 7.6, 4dKH,
6dGH, temp 78F.  The only difference is the filter.  I run an AquaClear 200
in my 29, no filter or water movement in the 5.

I also have one more question:  My tap water has a pH of 7.4, 3dKH, and 3
dGH yet my tank has a pH of 7.6, 4dKH and 6dGH.  Why the difference?  Is
something in my tank raising the pH and hardness levels or is this normal?

The only decoration I have in my tank besides live plants is a piece of
bogwood and a lava rock.  My substrate is plain old aquarium gravel.

Thank you for your help.