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Re: More K+

     >Sorry for all these repetitive postings, but, I got to my office this 
     >morning and looked up the mean chemical contents of world river 
     >water. Not 10s or 100s of ppm, but 2.3 ppm. So a 3 ppm/day addition 
     >of K via KNO3 is significant if one is interested in keeping 
     >soft-water fishes.
     Hardness is determined by the amount of Ca and Mg dissolved, not K.  
     You really shouldn't be concerned about adding too much K--most fresh 
     water fish typically maintain an internal concentration of about 
     100-120 ppm K in their blood plasma.  Freshwater organisms are 
     concerned with K retention, not excess K excretion.
     If you are adding 3 ppm/day of K to your 10 gallon aquarium, then you 
     are also adding 4.6 ppm NO3/day.  Why are you adding so much?  You add 
     as much as I do to my 90 gallon aquarium.  Is your test kit accurate?