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Melissa's Ceomat question

Melissa asked if the Ceomat was a reasonably good
system for CO2 generation in aquaria.
Well, I have no personal experience with it, but have
only heard bad things about it, such as:
1.  It is unreliable and "gums up" in a short period of
2.  It therefore does not deliver a constant amount of
3.  The company was going to supposedly fix some of
these problems in future generations of the
equipment, but how can you guarantee that you get
one of these later gen. models?

I would avoid this at all costs.

Having tried a couple of different methods, I feel the
compressed gas method is still the easiest to use,
the most reliable and not expensive in the long run.  It
is not necessarily the safest of course...

Roxanne Bittman

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