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Lighting for a 100G "long"

Hi folks,

I'm getting ready to set up the 100G "long" tank that I "inherited" last

I'm considering my various options as far as lighting is concerned.  While
I'm a big fan of T-8 lighting, the 6' length of this tank makes T-8
lighting a bit tricky.  The better color temperature bulbs seem to be
available only in the 4' lengths.  This means I would either have to
stagger the bulbs and mix them with 2' bulbs, or live with color
temperature bulbs that are not really to my liking.

A pet store near me can get me a reasonable deal on a 6' VHO fixture that
would do the job, but I'm also considering an open top tank with MH's,
since I love the look of open top tanks, and I _think_ my kids are past
drowning age.<g>  My questions are:

1.  The tank is 18"x18"x6'.  Anyone else working with this size tank?  What
are you using for lighting, and what do you like/dislike about your setup?

2.  I'm assuming that with this size/shape tank, that I'd want to go with 2
175W bulbs?  

3.  How high would they have to be hung to avoid burning emergent leaves?

4.  This tank is going in my livingroom, and I want people to be able to
sit comfortably nearby without being blinded by the light.  Any suggestions
on the best way to keep the light headed into the tank and out of the rest
of the room?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association