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RE: Cooling Fan for Perfecto Hood

> I purchased a 48" dual bulb "Perfecto" hood last October, and
> I've noticed quite a heat problem from the ballasts.  The whole
> hood gets rather warm, and while it probably isn't a safety
> hazard, I'd rather cool it down.  My question:  How can I cool
> this thing?  I've thought of putting a cooling fan in it, 
> but how the thing is designed, there isn't really a clear path
> for air to travel from one end to another.  It also has 4 vents
> across the top for air. Are there inexpensive ballasts that are 
> cooler, and that would fit inside this?  I've looked into IceCap
> ballasts, but they're really overkill for 2 standard 40 watt bulbs.
Radio Shack sells a nice 3 in. fan that you can mount in on the side.
Because the only vents are on the top, you will have to drill holes into the
side that the fan is mounted on.

I've actually disposed of the hood entirely and just put the light fixtures
directly on the tank (they are just long enough to do so). Of course, there
is a couple of inches of open space in front and in back for fish to jump
out, and you get more evaporation, but it's worth it to prevent 85 degree