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In scanning this weekend's postings to the APD, someone asked about why his
postings to rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants do not show up on the digest.

In the interest of not adding additional QYNGAs, I'll just toss in this

The rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants newsgroup covers the same subject matter
as the Aquatic Plants Digest mailing list.  They also share very similar
charters, since r.a.f.p was designed as a newsgroup equivalent to APD.  

When r.a.f.p first came on line, Cynthia (the list mom) forwarded the APD
to r.a.f.p, but because of the difference in readership and the
anti-spamming filters in the list's control program, list maintenance
became a bigger job than was warranted, so now APD is not posted to r.a.f.p
anymore (verifying this as I write, just in case things have changed again

I guess I never answered the question posed...  Postings from
rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants are not automatically posted on the Aquatic
Plants Digest mailing list.  The newsgroup and mailing list are completely
separate.  You must send your post to both places if you want it to show up
in both places.

I hope this helps,

David W. Webb