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Ooops--calculate BEFORE posting

I wrote the following:

I thought I was ok adding about 0.3 g per day to my 10G tank, because I was
measuring NO3 twice a day, and it wasn't getting out of hand--but I forgot
that I was adding K+ too, and I wasn't monitoring that. How much K+ can one
add before it starts killing fish?

Then I did the calculation: 0.3 g KNO3 g in a 10G (40L) tank is about 3
mg/L K.  Even if none of this is being used up by the plants (unlikely)
3ppm/day is probably not a significant change if natural waters often have
K+ concentrations in the 10s, and even 100s, of ppm. So I'm not going to
worry about this one, as long as I do regular water changes.