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High pH in processed water

Hi All,

While perusing the archives I ran across the discussion about tapwater pH
between Mark Fisher, Roger Miller et. al.  I'm also in Austin where the pH is
10 out of the tap and the GH measures about 120 ppm.  Quite by accident I
replaced a large proportion of the water in the 60 gallon display tank with
water that had been aireated for a couple of days but not adjusted with any
chemicals.  I increased the CO2 rate a tad  and by the end of the day the pH
had settled down to 6.8.  So, no chemical pH adjusters, no RO/DI required eh?
I could get used to this......

BTW -  I'm working on a City facility at one of the water treatment plants
here, and they do haul/pipe away tons of sludge - must be that precipitate
Roger was talking about.