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Cooling Fan for Perfecto Hood?


I purchased a 48" dual bulb "Perfecto" hood last October, and
I've noticed quite a heat problem from the ballasts.  The whole
hood gets rather warm, and while it probably isn't a safety
hazard, I'd rather cool it down.  My question:  How can I cool
this thing?  I've thought of putting a cooling fan in it, 
but how the thing is designed, there isn't really a clear path
for air to travel from one end to another.  It also has 4 vents
across the top for air. Are there inexpensive ballasts that are 
cooler, and that would fit inside this?  I've looked into IceCap
ballasts, but they're really overkill for 2 standard 40 watt bulbs.
I'm not looking to buy a whole new light fixture, since this one is 
rather new, and it fits the tank well.  Thanks for any help you can 

tparnell at oeonline_com