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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #305

<Big snip>
> If your interested I have pictures and an instruction
> sheet that I wrote for a buddy in Wyoming. Just drop me a note, off
> line, and I'll shoot you a copy. The instruction sheet includes some
> precautions and tips that might save you some work and a lot of
> aggravation.

Gee folks, I wished as many of you were as interested in Flags as you
are in slate backgrounds. <g>
Anyway, I had no idea of the response that this was going to generate,
so I've decided to clean up the instruction sheet and do a small
rewrite. Will try and have it out this weekend.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl    Where it's finally supposed to rain on Sunday.
augiee at bellsouth_net