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Re: 90 G Lighting


>>I am doing a DIY hood for a 90 g (48X18X24), and have gone through the
most recent lighting documents on the Krib.  I am planning on installing T8
48" tubes (Staybright 850s), and am wondering whether to got with 4 or 6.<<

Not an answer to your question, but for 90 gallon have you consider MH? 
They are not for everybody but your tank is getting to a size they start
getting attractive.  Two would probably force you into CO2 though.  You can
get them with 5500 or 6500K lamps with ballast cord and fixture for around
85.00 each (4300K version I think is still advertised in FAMA).  

By the time you buy six lights, ballast, endcaps, and so on you are already
there costwise but have a lot less light.