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Re: 90G lighting

> I am doing a DIY hood for a 90 g (48X18X24), and have gone through the most
> recent lighting documents on the Krib.  I am planning on installing T8 48"
> tubes (Staybright 850s), and am wondering whether to got with 4 or 6.

I used to have 4 T12 with poor reflector on my 90 gallon, but the high light
plants (Cabomba) suffers, so I added another two.  But for the type of
plants you mentioned (Crypts, Anubias, Java), four should do.

Actually I have better success with Anubias and Java fern in my low light
setup (10 gallon in a bright room) than in my 90 gallon.

You should also be concern with nutrient level in your tank.  The type
of plants you mentioned are not fast growing enough to compete with
algae.  At least initially, you should have some fast grower in your
tank to uptake the nutrients.

Louis Lin