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90G lighting

Hello, all..

I am doing a DIY hood for a 90 g (48X18X24), and have gone through the most
recent lighting documents on the Krib.  I am planning on installing T8 48"
tubes (Staybright 850s), and am wondering whether to got with 4 or 6.  From
what I read, I assume the former would give me around 2 w/gal, while the latter
would give me around 3 w/gal.  Problem is, my price goes up quite a bit if I
need 6 tubes, as I would need two ballasts rather than 1.  So, if 4 would be
adequate, that would be preferable.  Vegetation will be primarily SE Asian
(Crypts, Anubias, Java).  Has anyone had success with 4 tubes over this size
tank, or should I go ahead and buy the extra ballast?  Thanks.

                                                Dave Gauthier
                                                gauthie9 at pilot_msu.edu