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Re: Appropro news

I thought it interesting and appropro that an article appeared in the
Baltimore Sun newspaper today (June 3rd) stated the Chesapeake Bay is
bounding back with reduced pollutants and fertilizers being washed in
because of the dryer season last year.  This has caused the redhead and
widgeon grass to proliferate along with 11 other varieties.  The nitrogen
level was lower than it has been in 10 years.  With the grasses come more
fish and crabs that are protected by the new growth from water fowl.  

This is consistent with the outbreak of "Pfiesteria piscicida" (a deadly
disease of fish) when the Tangier grasses disappeared in areas where heavy
fertilization washed in from the apparent chicken farms.  This area is not
recovering as well as the rest of the Bay.  Here they have a much higher
level of nutrients like nitrogen along with heavy algae growths.  As the
nutrients lower, the higher grasses begin to grow and the algae problem
becomes less.

This is a lesson from "Mother Nature" that can certainly be applied to our
aquariums.  Fertilize less or very carefully to avoid algae and other

Merrill Cohen