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Re: Seachem

>From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Alysoun McLaughlin wrote recently...
>> Well, I decided to do my part to reward good business practices.  I bought
>> Kent's product, because there's an ingredients list on the bottle.  This
>> customer, for one, appreciates that kind of straightforwardness.
>I agree with you about the information being essential for aquatic
>consumers - too bad the AGA didn't share that view.
>James Purchase
>jpurch at interlog_com

I too applaud SeaChem for posting their ingredients. Although I am not
speaking for the AGA, I can certainly say that I have never seen anything
written in The Aquatic Gardener which suggests that AGA is not interested
in promoting the free exchange of information. I personally encourage more
companies to follow in the footsteps of Tropica and Kent. I can't say that
I am familar with all the current product labels. Are they any others to be

Neil Frank, TAG editor