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Re: Awesome background

> From: Thomas Moeller <n9345228 at cc_wwu.edu>
> Subject: Awesome backgrounds!


> Then when the rock dries for a
> few days...fire your tank up and go to town. Stuff anubias and what-not in
> the cracks the rock forms and get a planted tank going...it is absolutely
> breathtaking....I have a few tanks like this

Way to go Thomas!! Personally , I think, this is an awesome idea.

> masterpiece, I have with lava rock, witch is interesting. I don't like it
> as much as the slate, but it is both very light and very 3 dimensional.
> I'll post some pictures in awhile. In this tank i have about $400 worth of
> Anubias...the combo is great. I say go for it! -Tom

Yes, slate would look 5 times better in this arrangement.

Highly recommended idea.