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Awesome backgrounds!

I tell you what. I have been doing this for a few years now and I
absolutely reccomend it to anyone that has a tank large or small.  Find
some kind of rock is a decent quantity, preferably a shale like rock, that
is non-porous and very natural looking.  Go to a hardware store and get
some 100% Silicone (the stuff that's not poisonous) Bust some rocks up
into thin, fairly small chunks. Get a caulking gun. Take your tank and
clean it big time and lay it on it's back. Take the silicone and glue
those rocks down really well to the back of the glass forming a big puzzle
like pattern all the way to the top with the big rocks toward the bottom.
Cover the entire thing....A glass tank can take this weight no problem. If
you have a huge tank it could be a problem....these rocks greatly increase
the overall weight of the tank-obviously. Then when the rock dries for a
few days...fire your tank up and go to town. Stuff anubias and what-not in
the cracks the rock forms and get a planted tank going...it is absolutely
breathtaking....I have a few tanks like this...one of them, my current
masterpiece, I have with lava rock, witch is interesting. I don't like it
as much as the slate, but it is both very light and very 3 dimensional.
I'll post some pictures in awhile. In this tank i have about $400 worth of
Anubias...the combo is great. I say go for it! -Tom