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Re: Backgounds


I went to the lfs last week for a black background for my new tank and the owner showed me a tank he had just set up.  He wanted a color not available in roll form (RED!), so he called the aquarium manufacturer and asked about spray painting it.  

They said sure, no problem.  He said all he was lay it on its side, so there wouldn't be any drips or runs, and tape the other sides up with newspaper to prevent overspray.  He used regular spray paint, nothing special, and the only preparation the glass needed was a thorough cleaning.   The density of the color was great!

I chickened out on my tank.  It's my first sizeable one, 65g, and I thought someday it might not be against the wall, so I might not want to do anything permanent.  The flatness and solidness of the sprayed color looks much nicer than my "black on a roll".   I have a couple of 10g that I'm going to be redoing soon, and plan to try it on them.


  --- You wrote:
Has anyone ever heard of using mineral oil (or something like that) between
the glass and the backgrounds? I read this in the NG's once and cant
remember if it was mineral oil or something else. The poster said it made
them adhere to the glass with no gaps.
--- end of quote ---