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BGA stimulants and treatment

I concur with Roger that we can't state in precise terms what stimulates
BGA growth however the general causes, at least for common types
indigenous to Vancouver, are well established as an excessive amount of
soluble nutrients under strong lighting especially where the water is
stagnant (not moving). This is fairly easy to demonstrate experimentally
by setting up a bucket of stagnant water with compost or manure in it. I
suspect that there is a bountiful supply of Cyanobacteria floating about
in the moist BC air.

Some have asserted that BGA appears under conditions where there is
insufficient available nitrogen in the water. I haven't read of anything
(yet) that has demonstrated this experimentally. I don't say its not so;
some particular types of cyanobacteria could be stimulated under such
conditions. I would be very interested to see a comparative study that
clearly demonstrates this!!

In my situations I have had success recently without resorting to
antibiotics by increasing the amount of water circulation. BGA is a
hazard when you set up a soil tank if you use too fertile a soil and
especially if you load it with fertilizer! Just an airstone seems to do
the trick if the problem is not too severe.
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