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RE: Seachem

Alysoun McLaughlin wrote recently...

> Well, I decided to do my part to reward good business practices.  I bought
> Kent's product, because there's an ingredients list on the bottle.  This
> customer, for one, appreciates that kind of straightforwardness.
> I have had great results with Flourite, and I can appreciate that certain
> products are "designed" to go together, but I definitely resent Seachem's
> failure to tell me what I'm purchasing from them.

Better check Seachem's website again Alysoun - Seachem is starting to give
listings of ingredients for its fertilizers. I wrote them several months ago
and asked point blank what is in their plant products and was advised that
the info would soon be put online. I checked the other evening and sure
enough it is starting to get posted.

I agree with you about the information being essential for aquatic
consumers - too bad the AGA didn't share that view.

James Purchase
jpurch at interlog_com