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Re: More DIY substrate heating cable questions

Hi all,

Several weeks ago I asked for input from others who had built the DIY substrate
heating cables as described in the article by Dan Resler and Uwe Behle in the
Aquarium Fish magazine March 1995 issue.  ( Article also available at the KRIB.
www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Krib/plants/)  BTW, thanks to all who responded both
on and off list.

The responses, however,  have brought another question to mind.  In the above
mentioned article, the authors use an AC transformer, but Brent Harsh suggested
the use of an inexpensive DC battery charger like found at "WalsMart" for
charging car batteries.  Does it make a difference if you use AC or DC?  Any
electrical engineer types want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of one
verses the other?  Are there any concerns about efficiency?  Is one type, AC or
DC, more electrically efficient than the other?


Jay Bickford
In Savage Minnesota.
Two major thunderstorms in two weeks.
One with golf ball size hail, the other with 100 mph
straight line winds. If we have one more major thunderstorm here,
I think I'll move back to Arkansas where it's safer. ;-)